【Beautiful Waterfalls】 Let's enjoy viewing waterfalls! Waterfall has long been considered as a sacred area.

I went to Takigashira waterfall in Mt.Takigashira in Tahara City,Aichi.

I enjoyed viewing waterfall with the bracing mountain air.

The day after that day it rained, so it's just right volume of water.

These waterfalls were small, but we could see the sights of waterfalls here and there.

Going along the walking trail, I had a great time.

Every winter I go to see these waterfalls.

It was a little tough to climb Mt.Takigashira.

Therefore,we were very glad to see them.

At first ,I was very impressed with them.

In Japan people worship gods exists for everything.

In many cases,a shrine is built near the waterfall.

A shirine was built at the foot of Mt.Takigashira that has Takigashira Waterfalls.

The people living in the neighborhood community has cleaned up the mountain paths.

So every path and the waterfall have been comfortable spaces.

Why people thought waterfalls was important?

I think the reason why people give a great value to waterfall is because there is a special space.

Because a climber walks so long, he has been tired.

At such time,he finds a waterfall where fresh water falls down.

He is totally moved.

It feels like the time stopped flowing there.

It is natural peple worship gods exists for everything.


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