【Hiinosekimon on Koijigahama】Let's enjoy viewing a great seashore ! Atsumi Peninsula proved to be a truly picturesque place.

 Hiinosekimon is located on the Pacific side of Atsumi Peninsula, near Cape Irago.

The area around there is reefy.

There are big rocks, and some of them are cavate.

Hiinosekimon is named after these holes.

We can see the sunrise through the holes.

This is the gate of land side.

It's one of the wonders of the world.

We are absolutely fascinated by the great scenery. 

There is one other gate in the sea, it's an offshore gate.

The scenery entertain visitors to Irago for a long time. 

The earth's movement uplifted these rocks, and the waves gradually caused the erosion.

This place is a beautiful scenic spot.

 Around Hiinosekimon, there is a cycling road  with beautiful views of the ocean and rocks.

 And Koijigahama is just ahead.

The beach is located between Hiinosekimon and Cape Irago.

It will be an amazing experience for all of you .

I recommend going there.


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